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LA7, past lesson plans

Plans from previous weeks can be found below:

Monday, March 26
  • Mr. Dahl is subbing
  1. Return Quarter 3 work and gradesheets-- leave questions behind if you have any.
  2. Read AMELIA EARHART play and complete the questions on the last page--SUBMIT IN CLASS
  3. TIME REMAINING  CNN coverage or ABC NEW coverage for recent development
  4. HW:  CHOOSE YOUR OWN UNSOLVED MYSTERY to research by tomorrow

Tuesday, March 27
  1. Demonstrate KSS databases
  2. Go to lab
  3. CHOOSE mystery topic and locate and print one article

Wednesday, March 28
  1. Reading Skills Poetry-- "Whitetails"
  2. Credible Sources Count-- lesson and notes on the back of "Whitetail" poem

Thursday, March 29
  1. READING SKILLS-- Fact/Opinion
  2. Web search for research information
Friday, March 30
  1. VOCABULARY--WOW words 
  2. Draft the Introduction and search sections of the ISEARCH paper
  3. (see EXAMPLE)

Monday, March 19
  • AR
  • Poetry-  "Maccavity, the Mystery Cat"  by TS ELIOT
  • HW:  STUDY for test THURSDAY-- WOW quarter 3 & literary term-- flashcards on left
Tuesday, March 20
  • Introduce upcoming Unsolved Mystery Research project
  • Paragraph about Amelia Earhardt-- What do you already know? in first person POV
  • AR
  • Study for THURSDAY test- don't forget I will be collecting WOW packets!
Wednesday, March 21
  • Pass out grade sheets & essays
  • Gather missing work

  • GO TO LAB:  revise essays, AR reading, study flashcards for tomorrow's quiz
Thursday, March 22
  • test and make up day

Monday, March 5
  1. AR Reading time
  2. Word Roots from MAP prep
  3. Conclusion lesson-- final draft of essay will be due Friday
  4. WOW words set 5
Tuesday, March 6
  1. "The Highwayman"
  2. Elements of FICTION notes
  3. WORKSHEET due
Wednesday, March 7
  1. Discuss "The Highwayman"
  2. Read and Discuss "Cremation of Sam McGee"
Thursday, March 8
  1. "Sam McGee" Worksheet Due FRIDAY
  2. Go to lab.... Print FINAL POV essay & attach 
Friday, March 9
  1. Meet in lab for practice TEST
Monday, March 12
  1. AR reading
  2. Background for "Survival" play
  3. Read ACT 1 of the play together as a class
  4. Discuss the questions at the end of Act 1
  5. Worksheet packet due FRIDAY
Tuesday, March 13
  1. AR reading
  2. Finish Reading ACT 1 and 2 of "Survival"
  3. Discuss the questions
  4. Work on the worksheet packet that is due FRIDAY
Wednesday, March 14
  1. WOW words-- complete the rest of your WOW packet and the SURVIVAL Study Guide as you listen to the basket ball game
Thursday, March 14
  1. Quiz in one week on WOW Words and the following literary terms:  alliteration, simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, imagery, hyperbole, conflict, climax, resolution, protagonist, antagonist, setting, personification
  2. Make Flashcards to study while you watch the BBall game
March 15
  • Flashcard games for QUIZ
  • AR
  • Girls BB

Week 3.
Monday, Feb. 13
  1. Ch. 27 & 28
  2. Lesson on what is a MYTH & Pandora's box reading 
Tuesday, Feb.14
  1. WOW words 4
  2. Using the Right Word p. 678-682 in book, Using the Right Word 4 in yellow packet  RIGHT WORD & WOW quiz FRIDAY'
Wednesday, Feb. 15
  1. Teacher read ch. 30-34
  2. CD until the end of the hour
  3. HW:  finish book by TUESDAY and study for Friday test:  WOW words, Right Words
Thursday, Feb. 16
  • Study Hall in LANGUAGE ARTS is Feb. 16
Friday, Feb. 17
  • QUIZ/WOW words, Right Words
  • Brainstorm/prewriting for essay we are writing next week
  • FINISH book for TUESDAY

Tuesday, Feb. 21
  • QUIZ on the end of WALK TWO MOONS
  • Draft INTRO, Body paragraph 1 and 2 of essay
Wednesday, Feb. 22:  Double Day
  • Word Process essays
  • Draft remainder of the essay for MONDAY
Monday, Feb. 23

2, Jan. 30-Februray 3
Monday, Jan. 30
  1. STAR test
  2. Look up the meaning of your name on the Internet!
  3. AR reading goals
  4. AR reading
  5. HW:  Read Ch. 11
Tuesday, Jan. 31
  1. Return graded work from Friday
  2. JOURNAL #4- Discuss the meaning/story of your name
  3. Go over quizzes and discuss the book so far
  4. Cross out Activity 4 in the packet
  5. HW:  Read Ch. 11 and 12--QUIZ tomorrow
Wednesday, Feb. 1
  1. Quiz ch. 11, 12
  2. Listen to ch. 13, 14, 15 (the CD is in my computer and will pull up on I-tunes)
  3. WoW words, group 2
  4. No homework!  Can you believe that?  But if you didn't turn in your essay at the end of Quarter 2, please get it to me ASAP
Thursday, Feb. 2
  1. AR goals
  2. Read chapt 16 - 17
  3. Complete activity 5 and JOURNAL 5 for FRIDAY
Friday, Feb. 3
  1. Read Ch. 18-19 (teacher, out loud)
  2. Similes WS with partner in class (GRADED)
  3. Complete activity 6 and JOURNAL 6 for FRIDAY, Feb. 10

3.1:  Jan. 24-Jan. 27

Tues., Jan. 24
  1. Introduction to Sharon Creech and Walk Two Moons
    • Author Bio
    • Book Info
    • CLASS ACTIVITY:  Create a "In My Shoes" journal cover from your life  "Don't judge a ________ until you've _____  _____ ______ in [his or her] _________.
  2. You will all get orange Walk Two Moons packets.  HOMEWORK:  Activity 1
Wed., Jan. 25
  1. In Your Journal 1.....
  2. Read ch. 1-3
  3. Do you think Salamanca is brave?  Why or why not? What situations in your life make you feel brave?
  4. Walk Two Moons packets.  HOMEWORK:  Activity 2 & 3 
Thurs., Jan. 26
  1. In Your Journal 3.....
  2. Words of the Week:  Mrs. Wagner will use the screen to help you define each of the words for week 1 by going to
  3. Read ch. 4-8-- quiz TOMORROW
  4. Activity 1, 2 & 3 due tomorrow
Fri., Jan. 27
  1. TEST PREP:  What's a Root?
  2. Test 1:  Walk Two Moons ch. 1-6
  3. Collect   Activity 1, 2 & 3
  4. Read ch. 9 and 10

Quarter 2, week 7
Words of the Week:  clarify, imply, precise

Monday, Jan. 9
  • Words of the Week
  • read pp. 287-290 in WRITE SOURCE and discuss
  • go over pp. 291-294 and complete the prewriting as described in the book
Tuesday, Jan. 10
  • Words of the Week-- test next week
  • WRITING-- draft intro paragraph
Wednesday, Jan. 11
  • WRITING DAY-- go over pp. 296-300 and draft essay, bring a draft to class on tomorrow
Thursday, Jan. 12
  • TEST prep-  Poem "My Bed is a Boat"
  • CONCLUSIONS-- lesson
  • Draft due tomorrow                                                                                                          
Friday, Jan. 13

Words of the Week:  amend, facilitate, random

Tuesday, Jan. 3
  • Words of the Week
  • Gradesheets/Make up work
  • AR/ Testing-- After class, I will update the gradebook and have AR count toward your final grade so that you can see how it will affect quarter 2 final grades
Wednesday, Jan. 4
  • Review of characterization
  • In class-- you will get into groups based on the short stories read before break
  • Your group will get a copy of each story.  
  • You will go through the story, and cut out examples of direct characterization and indirect characterization (SpeechThoughtsEffectsActionsLooks)
  • Then, your group will explain what readers learn about the character through such characterization

Thursday and Friday, Jan 5 and 6

  • "Smallest Dragonboy"
      • Characterization chart
      • Selection Test
      • Study Guide
      • Vocabulary

Monday, Dec. 17
  1. "Successful Community" (Worksheet on "All Summer in a Day")
  2. Footsteps and Pawprints worksheet

Tuesday, Dec. 18
  1. Ms. Roos is back-- gradesheets, return work,
  2. Work time
  3. Due tomorrow:  Footsteps and Pawprints
Wednesday, Dec. 19
  1. Words of the Week:  deviate, infer, prior
  2. Characterization

Week 6 Thank you Mr. D. for subbing for Ms. Roos this week!

Monday, Dec. 12
  1. Realistic Fiction: "The Gun"
  2. "The Gun" study guide and vocabulary
Tuesday, Dec. 13
  1. Animal/Adventure:  "Rikki-tikki-tavi"
  2. "Rikki tikki tavi" Study guide

Wednesday, Dec. 14
  1. video of "Rikki-tikki-tavi"
Thursday, Dec. 15
  1. Finish "Rikki-tikki-tavi"
Friday, Dec. 16
  1. Science Fiction:  "All Summer in a Day"
  2. Discussion
  3. Worktime

week 5

Words of the Week:  accumulate, contribute, establish

Monday, Dec. 5
  1. Words of the week-- determine meaning by context, fill in WOW packet; WOW quiz on FRIDAY
  2. Go over the test for The Outsiders.  Complete a sample answer.
  3. Watch film/ take test.  The test is due WEDNESDAY at the end of class.
Tuesday, Dec. 6
Mr.Noble will sub
  1. Watch film/ take test.  The test is due WEDNESDAY at the end of class.
  2. We left off at counter 48:00
  3. Make sure you WOW packet is up to date.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Mr.Noble subs again.

Finish The Outsiders movie.  EXTENSION-- I will give you until Thursday at the start of class to turn in your test.  Since I am not there today, I can't start grading it anyway.  This is a change of information, so please take note.

Thursday, Dec. 8

  1.  Collect final tests on Outsiders 
  2. DOL-- finish the sheet & submit
  3. Play Outsiders  Jeopardy and review for WOW quiz tomorrow- 15 points
Friday, Dec. 8
  1. WoW quiz
  2. AR Reading
Words of the Week:  distort, exclude, unique

Monday, Nov. 28
  1. Words of the Week-- fill out packet
  2. Ask for LATE work
  3. Read ch. 9-- quiz TOMORROW!!!
Tuesday, Nov. 29
  1. DOL 26
  2. Return and discuss commas 1 & 2
  3. Distribute more comma practice worksheets (lavendar) due Friday
  4. Chapter 9 quiz
  5. Grade and discuss quiz
Wednesday, Nov. 30
  1. DOL 27
  2. Read Chapter 10..
  3. Distribute response questions from Ch. 9-12-- due Friday
  4. FINISH the book by Friday
  5. Work/AR time
  6. Review WOW 
Thursday, Dec. 1
  1. DOL 28
  2. Notes on THEMES of The Outsiders-- will be a test item
  3. Work/AR time
Friday, Deb. 2
  1. DOL 29
  2. Lesson on how to answer ESSAY Questions
  3. Watch beginning of The Outsiders movie (through counter 23:30...mute minute 15:00 and 18:00)... discuss difference in writing a story and performing one
  4. During film, finish all work due today:  comma packet, response questions, reading the end of the novel-- test on The Outsiders Monday and Tuesday

Quarter 2, week 3
(no WoW list...)

Monday, Nov. 21
  • DOL 23 
  • Read ch. 8 in The Outsiders together as a class-- DISTRIBUTE GREEN PACKET DUE WED
  • Lesson on Commas, p. 582.  Complete Commas 1 p. 583
Tuesday, Nov. 22
  • DOL 24
  • Commas, lesson 584
  • Complete Commas 2 p. 585
  • WORKTIME:  Green packet on ch. 5-8 due WEDNESDAY
Wednesday, Nov. 23
  • DOL 25
  • Collect HW (green packet, Commas 1 and Commas 2)
  • Students who are done will get to play a word game; students who are not done will work on it until they ARE done

Quarter 2, week 2
Words of the Week: commence, hierarchy, obtain

Monday, Nov. 14
Complete the Words of the Week packet
Lesson on PARAGRAPH STRATEGY Notes sheet
Distribute The Outsiders CHARACTER PARAGRAPH assignment:  Packet due FRIDAY-- today we will just write topic sentences
Finish ch. 6 of The Outsiders--quiz tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, Nov. 15
DOL 21
QUIZ chapter 6
continue to explain the CHARACTER Paragraph project Packet due FRIDAY-  today we will find the proof and read the example
Teacher read ch. 7 pp. 100-104; students read 104-110

Wednesday, Nov. 16
            DOL 22
            Finish ch. 7 and finish instructions on Paragraph project Packet due FRIDAY  today you should write your outline
            Work time

Thursday, Nov. 17:
        STUDY HALL

Friday, Nov. 18
            DOL 23
            Groups read ch. 8  and work on the 5-8 SKILLS pages distributed in class (due next week)
            Collect HW Packet due FRIDAY-

Quarter 2, week 1
Words of the Week:  allocate, neutral, tedious

Monday, Nov. 7: 
         Complete the Words of the Week packet for week 1 words.
         Discuss The Outsiders to p. 72
         HW:  Read The Outsiders to p. 72; DOL quiz Friday
Tuesday, Nov. 8
DOL 18 and 19
         Notes on Literary Elements and The Outsiders
         HW:  Complete the character chart in your Outsiders notes; DOL quiz Friday
Wednesday, Nov. 9
DOL 20, distribute and Discuss DOL QUIZ REVIEW SHEET
         Notes on THEME
         HW:  Read The Outsiders to the end of ch. 5; DOL quiz Friday
Thursday, Nov. 10
Review DOL
         DIscuss ch. 5
         "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Lesson
         Passed out the Goals for AR this quarter
         Study for DOL quiz and AR Reading
Friday, Nov. 11
        Thank you, veterans!
DOL QUIZ 1-20 collect DOL 11-20
        Collect The Outsiders notes
        Begin ch. 6 of The Outsiders, p. 84-93
        Words of the Week review