WorldHisLit, past lesson plans

Monday, Feb. 6

  • Greek Root- first page, front and bac
  • Ch. 8, Lesson 1 and corresponding pages in the Green Greek Packet

Tuesday, Feb. 7

  • Greek Root- POLY
  • "Cradle of Western Civilization" in Green Packet (together)
  • "The Greek Poli" in green packet-- on your own

Wednesday, Feb. 8

  • Greek Prefix-PHOBIA
  • Lesson 2 and corresponding pages in the Green Greek Packet, including "Athens" and "Pello. Wars"

Thursday, Feb. 9


Friday, Feb. 10

  • Greek Root- GEO
  • Odyssey slide share
  • Odyssey PLAY from Weekly Reader and COMP questions

Monday, Jan. 30

  • Read ch. 2, section 2 and complete pages 69 and 70 in the pink packet

Tuesday, Jan. 31

  • "A Great Oral Tradition" (pink packet) together
  • Reading video on Nok culture
  • "The Nok" in the pink packet on your own

Wednesday, Feb. 1

  • Chapter 7, Lesson 3
  • pp. 70-74 in your pink packet

Thursday, Feb. 2

  • "Trade"

Friday, Feb. 3

  • Current events

Week 5

Tuesday, Jan. 24

Wednesday, Jan. 25

Thursday, Jan. 26

Friday, Jan. 27

  1. Current Event magazine assignment
  2. Read the Know the News article and summarize for classmates, who will then answer the Know the News questions
  3. Finish the assignment as you read the magazine

Monday, Jan. 9, 2012

  1. SKILL: outline style notetaking
  2. Outline HINDUISM p. 130-131 together'
  3. Outline BUDDHISM pp. 132-133 on your own

Tuesday, Jan. 10

  • MAPS testing

Wednesday, Jan. 11

  • Discuss MAPS
  • QUIZ and collect notes (10 points)
  • Worksheeet on China Geography

Thursday, Jan. 12

  • Study Hall

Friday, Jan. 13

  • Current Events

Tuesday, Jan. 3

  • Word Generation: Who Owns the Mummies?
  • ASSIGNMENT: Writing Prompt: State opinion, give two reasons to support opinion, and use at least two focus words

Wednesday, Jan. 4

  • Previewed ch. 5,
  • Read pp. 124-129

Thursday, Jan. 5

  • Whole group MAP practice

Friday, Jan. 6-

  • Whole group-- Geography Bee

Monday, Dec. 5

  • Test prep packet: Cleopatra

Skills: Comprehension, test prep, question analysis, vocabulary in context

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Mr. Noble subs

  • Read ch.4, section 3 and complete the section 3 pages in the beige packet. Students already have the beige packet from last week. The pages are labeled by section. Mr. Noble will help you figure out which pages to complete.
  • Finish chapter 4 and complete the entire beige packet. (Mr. Noble will decide if this needs to be done on TUESDAY or if we will complete it on WEDNESDAY. Hint, hint: Good, studious, quiet behavior....)

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Mr. Noble subs

  • Finish the beige packet
  • Current Events magazine-- Mr. Noble will have to find them either on my desk, my teaching table, or in the bins of file folders underneath the hand in basket. The topic of the magazine is the possibility of conflict with Iran. (Sorry, I only had five minutes to print the worksheets)
  • I printed two worksheets. I think students should do the crossword. They can work together. They could also do the m/c questions below the political cartoon-- YOu can discuss the cartoon if you like.

Thursday, Dec. 8

  • Study hall-- bring all materials.

Week 4

Monday, Nov. 28

Preview section 2 in the textbook

Complete pp. 35 and 36 in the beige packe. (p. 33 and 34 were assigned last week)

Tuesday, Nov. 29

Teacher's Domain: Building the Pyramids of Egypt

SKILLS-- understanding vocabulary in context, using vocabulary, paragraph writing, comprehending multiple texts of varying complexity

Write a paragraph that shares what you have learned about pyramids

How to play SENET

Wednesday, Nov. 30

Mummies and Belief in the Afterlife articles

skills: comprehension, summarizing, listening

Thursday, Dec. 1

3 Egyptian Myths

skills: comprehension, summarizing, listening & speaking

Friday, Dec. 2

Current Events magazine

Skills: summary, comprehension, listening and speaking

Week 3

Monday, Nov. 21

  • Read and Discuss the CONCUSSION lesson
  • Current Events magazine-- Read (esp. the article about concussions in the NFL) and complete the COMPREHENSION questions and the ANALYZE THE GRAPHIC

Tuesday, Nov. 22

  • Discuss the "analyze the cartoon" from the back of the green sheet/ answer the questions... TURN IN the green and the white sheet from the CE magazine.
  • Distribute beige reading skills packet.
  • Go over, ch. 4 lesson 1 in textbook, CAUSE AND EFFECT & Reading Comprehension (p. 33 and 34 in beige packet)

Wednesday, Nov. 23

Week 2

Word Generation: Who Owns the Mummies?

diversity, enhance, migration, presume, reveal

Monday, Nov. 14

Tuesday, Nov. 15

  • Whole class together in Mr. Schneck's room: Mini-packet

Wednesday, Nov. 16

  • Word Generation: Problem of the Week
  • Finish tan packet-- skip the timeline and the map pages

Thursday, Nov. 17

  • Word Generation: Science
  • Collect Mini-packet
  • Read Lesson 4 together. VOCAB AND SUMMARIZING-complete #1 on p. 77
  • finish TAN packet

Friday, Nov. 18

  • Word Generation: Writing
  • Homework collection & work time

Week 1

Monday, Nov.7

  • Word Generation--Global Civilizatoin: Vocab defined
  • Preview Ch. 3, sections 1 and 2-- answer section questions pp.19 and 26 in tan packet

Tuesday, Nov.8

  • Word Generation: Global Civ: Debate/ Discuss 8 characteristics of CIVILIZATION
  • Preview Ch.3, section 3-- assign pp. 20, 28, and 30 in tan packet

Wed, Nov.9

Thur., Nov 10

  • Study Hall

Fri., Nov.11

  • Word Generation: Global Civ: WRITING
  • Current Events magazine, complete Comprehension page
  • Collect Word Generation packet and Gilgamesh comp questions